Expert Insight: Revolutionizing Medication Management at Westgate Assisted Living

Revolutionizing Medication Management at Westgate Assisted Living

At Kohll's Long Term Care Pharmacy, we pride ourselves on our longstanding partnership with Westgate Assisted Living. Verlynn Winnicki, Nurse Executive Director at Westgate, brings over two decades of expertise to her role, shaping the facility's commitment to excellence since December 2004.

Verlynn's insights shed light on the transformative impact of our innovative medication packaging solutions at Westgate Assisted Living. According to Verlynn, our packaging has significantly reduced medication errors, providing clear instructions and enhancing professionalism in medication management practices. She affirms, “Kohll's packaging has profoundly reduced the amount of medication errors in our facility due to the way they package their meds.”

Beyond the tangible benefits in medication management, Verlynn underscores our unwavering commitment to quality and reliability. She emphasizes our dedication to resident care, citing our exceptional service to veterans in the community as evidence of our prioritization of resident well-being. Verlynn states, “Kohll's is fully committed to the residents at Westgate. They provide 100% service to our veterans in the community, which is great!”

Verlynn also highlights our comprehensive approach to supporting Westgate Assisted Living, citing our provision of motorized wheelchairs as an example of our commitment to holistic care. This comprehensive support reflects our recognition of the diverse needs within the assisted living community. She notes, “Kohll's has provided motorized wheelchairs, with good customer service.”

What truly sets Kohll's apart, according to Verlynn, is our genuine care and commitment to making a difference. She affirms that we provide the care it takes to make a difference, underscoring our role as more than just a service provider but as an integral part of the Westgate family. Verlynn concludes, “Kohll's has been a great asset to Westgate Assisted Living. I love partnering with them and will continue to provide support to a great pharmacy.”

In conclusion, Verlynn reaffirms the invaluable role that Kohll's Long Term Care Pharmacy plays in enhancing the standard of care at Westgate Assisted Living. With Verlynn's expertise guiding the way, our partnership continues to exemplify a commitment to excellence and resident well-being.