Help your loved one up from a fall in minutes.

The Raizer is the best tool for helping someone up from the ground without a third person.

Liftup Raizer Chairs

A portable solution keeping you independent.

The Raizer is a battery-operated, mobile lifting chair which helps a fallen person stand within only a few minutes. This portable, lightweight device is easily assembled and operated by only one assistant. Using the Raizer is much safer, faster, and easier than traditional methods of lifting fallen people. This makes it ideal for in-home use as well as assisted living, independent living, and skilled nursing facilities.

Recognizing how revolutionary the Raizer is, Kohll's Rx was the first U.S. distributor of this internationally recognized and awarded product, which is made by Denmark-based Liftup. And today, Kohll’s Rx is the exclusive distributor for Liftup products in Nebraska, and we ship to all 50 states.

With one of the largest mobility and home safety showrooms in the country, Kohll's Rx has been a longtime leader in safe solutions for helping seniors and the physically challenged live how they want to live and to go where they want to go.

Kohll's Rx offers the best prices possible and a number of plans to make the Raizer Liftup Chair available for anyone who needs it, including try-before-you-buy and rent-to-own programs.

Call us at 402-964-2480 for more details. For a live demo please visit our Omaha, NE showroom located at our Millard location (12741 Q St).

We're Here to Help

For the quickest response, contact our Raizer specialist using the form below. You may also reach our general switchboard at 402-964-2480.

Raizer II

The new and improved Raizer II is battery operated, with a remote control and now even easier to clean.

  • Easy to assemble: 4 identical legs, 2 identical headrests – correct assembly every time
  • Intuitive sound and LED indicators for correct assembly
  • Improved carry bag and trolly
  • New surface materials makes it possible to disinfect the Raizer II
  • New position of seatbelt and it can be removed to wash
  • Priced at $5,445

Raizer II

Raizer M

Introducing the premiere of Raizer M a new, all-manual, lifting chair. Based on demands, Liftup developed a new Raizer, specifically for use in your home.

Protect your independent living lifestyle and never need caretaking from outside sources. The Raizer M will allow just one person to help a fallen loved one up from a fall.

  • Always ready – it requires no electrical power
  • Easy to use – intuitive, easy assembly that does not require any training other than the instructions supplied
  • Lightweight – the heaviest item is the seat and it only weighs 15.9 lbs
  • Priced at $1,950

Raizer M

“I have found the Raizer to be a very beneficial device and have used it to easily and quickly raise my wife from a prone position in the floor to a sitting position so she could then stand up. I highly recommend it to anyone who does not have immediate access to assistance from others to help raise someone from the floor if they have fallen and can't get up.”
Dean Hopper