Flu Shot & COVID-19 Clinics

Healthy people, healthy community.

  • Keep your work environment healthy by hosting influenza and/or and COVID-19 clinics.
  • Clinics are performed on-site in the Omaha and Lincoln metro areas and beyond by licensed staff nurses, hired and trained by Kohll's Rx so you get consistent professional services.
  • Prefilled syringes allow approximately 30 shots per hour, or 5 every 10 minutes—meaning an efficient use of time and minimal disruption to the workday.
  • Nurse arrives with vaccines, supplies and biohazard removal materials. None of this is mailed or handled by corporate employees.
  • For self-insured organizations, vaccine vouchers give remotely deployed employees access to immunization services. (More below.)
  • Online signup is available with 24-hour auto-reminder and personal calendar placement, making for a seamless planning experience without extra oversight.
  • Clinic participants will be given education materials highlighting the importance of pneumonia and shingles immunizations and will be able to scan a QR code to make it convenient to schedule these post-clinic follow up services at a Kohll's location.

Contact us at (402) 408-1990!

Vaccine Voucher Program

A great option for self-insured companies!

  • Remote employees? Employees that cannot attend your workplace clinic? No problem.
  • All employees can access immunization services at a Kohll's location or anywhere in Kohll's nationwide network of more than 57,000 pharmacies.
  • The vouchers are employee-specific, not an open ticket. With employee-specific data on the coupon, the pharmacy is sure to immunize the right person.
  • Charged only after the voucher is used, not when printed.
  • Vouchers expire on December 31 and redeemed coupons are invoiced to the company in one combined billing thereafter.
  • HR can control printing of online vouchers or distribute one email to all employees, containing a link to download a secure, single-use voucher which will be permanently coupled with the employee registering for the voucher.
  • Servers are encrypted and secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to WebMD magazine, the average office desk has 400% more germs than the average toilet seat. Viruses such as influenza are easily spread in an environment like an office where people are in close quarters for extended periods. Infected persons can take the virus home to loved ones or out to others without even realizing it, and thus the flu spreads. he convenience of being able to get your flu vaccination at work rather than having to make a doctor’s appointment makes it more likely that you will be vaccinated, which will protect you, your family, your friends and your co-workers.

Information will be provided in the automatic communications sent out during scheduling. In addition, you can direct employees to our vaccination information pages.