Grab Bars

Make navigating the toilet, sink, bathtub, shower and drying area much safer.

Grab bars and hand railings should be within reach anywhere standing will require assistance.

Grab Bars & Hand Rails for Bathroom

Inexpensive but Effective Safety Feature

Getting in and out of a slippery bathtub can be difficult even when mobility isn’t an issue. One of the most important safety enhancements to any bathroom is a shower grab bar. Grab bars for bathrooms are attached strategically to walls in the tub and shower area to offer a steadying brace while getting in and out of the bath and shower, when standing in the shower and, if needed, when getting up and down from the toilet, greatly lowering your risk of a fall.

You can install them yourself or work with an expert like the Kohll's Rx Modification Team to model the safest usage and paths within the bathroom.

Worry-Free Installation Available

Expert installation of your grab bar is available.

Installing a grab bar is more involved than you might initially think. Kohll’s Modification Team is a full-time team of experienced home remodelers with customers in Omaha, Lincoln, and western Iowa. We have installed thousands of grab bars and are experts in proper placement and mounting.

By hiring an expert installer, you save a lot of hassle and get the highest possible level of safety out of your grab bar investment. You can also maintain the aesthetic of your home. Whether a simple grab bar installation or more, we always consider the elegance of the home and the dignity of the individual.