Corporate Wellness

A healthy work environment keeps your business on track.

Through our Wellness Program, Kohll’s provides on-site, extremely efficient corporate flu, covid, and other seasonal vaccination shot clinics with licensed nurses. We also offer biometric screenings for your employees so they can find out health indicators and identify potential risks. Appointment reminders are automated, keeping your team engaged with their health.

Flu Shot & COVID-19 Clinics

Keep your people and your community healthy.

  • Immunizations are available for everyone 6 months and older.
  • Clinics are performed on-site by licensed staff nurses, hired and trained by Kohll's Rx so you get consistent professional services.
  • Prefilled syringes allow 30 shots per hour, or 7 every 10 minutes—meaning an efficient use of time and minimal disruption to the workday.
  • Nurse arrives with vaccines, supplies and biohazard removal materials. None of this is mailed or handled by corporate employees.
  • Vaccine Voucher gives all employees access to immunization services at over 57,000 participating pharmacies, only charged at time of use.
  • Online signup is available with 24-hour auto-reminder and personal calendar placement, making for a seamless planning experience without extra oversight.
  • Pneumonia, shingles, and COVID-19 immunizations options are also available.