Compression Wear

Keep your circulation flowing with compression wear.

Find the right fit from our selection of compression wear, or get a customized garment with our 3D scanner fit.

Compression Wear

We provide compression wear for legs, hands, arm sleeves, head, neck, torso. We are also the only store in the area to provide custom compression garments, which can now be measured with our medi vision 3D scanner for a perfect customized garment fit.

Kohll's Rx also has certified compression wear fitters. We have trained professionals at all locations to size and choose the correct style to fit your needs. We also offer the most comprehensive inventory and selection in the area.

Our antimicrobial compression hosiery is designed to reduce the risk of developing blood clots in legs—keeping you safe and healthy. While anyone can develop a blood clot, certain people are at greater risk of them, and your doctor or healthcare professional may recommend compression hosiery to keep you safe from elevated risk of blood clots. Compression wear helps to mitigate this risk by assisting blood flow and decreasing swelling. The compression hosiery we sell is antimicrobial to protect the fabric from odor-causing bacteria and fungus to keep your feet fresh and odor-free.

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