Rehab at the right pace.

StairTrainer is a rehabilitation staircase with steps that can be adjusted to different levels of difficulty.


Easy to use, easy to move.

StairTrainer has gained popularity among clinics and physiotherapists worldwide for its unbeaten success rate combined with a high safety standard and user friendliness. Kohll’s is proud to be the first American distributor of this innovative product.

  • Several adjustment options for level of difficulty
  • Simple to transport
  • Digital display enables user to follow progress
  • Faster begin of rehabilitation process
  • Higher success rate of rehabilitation
  • Safer way of training or exercising
  • Mobile training device
  • Sharing of device between several departments and clinics possible
  • Ensures training in undisturbed surroundings
  • Plug & Play feature requires no installation or setup by professionals
    Available in child and adult versions

We have professional installers who can help get you set up.