Flu shot season + New Covid Booster + RSV Vaccine

Flu shot season + New Covid Booster + RSV Vaccine

For the first time this fall, there will be three different vaccines against the biggest respiratory virus threats: a new Covid booster, the yearly flu shot and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) vaccines for older adults.

Americans are urged to get the vaccines ahead of what many believe could be an intense winter respiratory season, especially after several years of unpredictable viral activity.

The updated Covid vaccine that will target the XBB virus variant has not been approved, but it is expected to be approved around mid September. The manufacturers of the new covid booster that targets the XBB virus variant are Pfizer, Moderna and Novavax. All three manufacturers have reported to Kohll’s that they will have the vaccine ready and will immediately ship the new covid booster to Kohll’s as soon as it is approved. When asked what immediate means, one of the manufacturer representatives said, “within two days”.

Kohll’s Rx already has on hand both new RSV vaccines and the influenza vaccine. The RSV vaccine is manufactured by 2 different companies. Abrysvo made by Pfizer and Arexvy made by GSK.

RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus, and flu usually spread between Halloween and the end of spring. Covid cases and hospitalizations are already ticking up — well before a typical respiratory virus season.

According to the CDC, RSV hospitalizes are up to 160,000 people 65 and older each year, leading to up to 10,000 deaths.

Covid-related hospitalizations were up 12.5% over the past two weeks, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A new Covid variant called EG.5, a version of the once dominant XBB variant, is spreading in the U.S. It's still unknown whether EG.5 will be responsible for a Covid surge in the coming months.

Different from previous years, it’s likely this year that just one Covid booster will be recommended through the season. It’s hopeful that the new updated monovalent boosters that will become available will retain good activity” against that omicron subvariant.

Flu shots will also be recommended this fall, there seems to be a of cases of influenza in the Southern Hemisphere right now, which could be an indication of what's to come in our part of the world.

Last year, flu season peaked earlier than usual, then quickly fell.

Still, health experts urge people to get the shots when they're available and not worry too much about timing. Therefore, getting your new covid booster, RSV vaccination and influenza vaccination at the same time might be convenient in providing good protection against each of these viruses. Some people may even opt for the new pneumonia vaccine Prevnar 20 recently approved. There is not a contraindication to get all four of these vaccinations at the same time.

Some senior care centers, assisted living facilities and skilled nursing homes utilize a company such as Kohll’s Rx to administer all four of the vaccinations to their residents. Kohll’s Rx is authorized to administer all vaccines without a prescription from your physician. This is a simple convenient way to provide protection for the elderly.

New Vaccines to Consider Getting this Fall

New Covid BoosterXBB Virus Variant
Influenza vaccinationThis years predicted influenza variants
RSV VaccineRespiratory Syncytial Virus
Prevnar 20Pneumococcal 20-valent Conjugate Vaccine