Patient Oxygen Eligibility Requirements

Criteria for Coverage

Need a prescription, chart notes, and oxygen saturations.


  • Your doctor will send over a prescription for oxygen. 


  • These are the notes that your doctor makes during your visit in order to document your symptoms and need for supplemental oxygen. These notes are faxed over to Kohll’s Rx. 


  • In order to confirm your need for supplemental oxygen, your doctor will take an oxygen saturation reading. These results are also faxed over to Kohll’s Rx. 

Once we have all three documents (prescription, chart notes, and oxygen saturations), we will verify your insurance, calculate your payments (if any), and call you when your oxygen concentrator is ready.

Next Steps

  • In order to optimize your oxygen therapy, you will need to replace your supplies often. Below is the timeline for reordering your supplies. 
NASAL CANNULAS1 per 2 weeks
TUBING1 per 2 weeks
FILTERS1 per 6 months