The Advantages of Pharmaceutical-Grade CBD Products

The Advantages of Pharmaceutical-Grade CBD Products

CBD (Cannibidiol) products have become increasingly popular among many who seek alternative treatments for their chronic conditions. These products can be seen sold at dispensaries, gas stations, and even online in some cases, but few know that much of this CBD is not very pure, making its effects not incredibly reliable. Pharmaceutical-grade CBD that utilizes a patented liquid structure has started to appear on the shelves of pharmacies and clinics, but what makes this CBD different from your average gas station CBD?

CBD is extracted from a very similar plant that THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is extracted from, but these are two very different substances. CBD is extracted from a cannabis “hemp” plant while THC is extracted from a “marijuana” plant. CBD has medicinal properties with no psychoactive effects while THC offers medicinal benefits as well but also has psychoactive effects.

The main issue with extracting CBD from a hemp plant is that it does have a very small amount of THC (approximately 0.3%), which your average CBD products will contain. On the other hand, pharmaceutical grade CBD, such as AquasolRx products, contains no THC making it extremely pure. Additionally, dosing is consistent which in turn makes it much more likely to be beneficial in helping the consumer. This purity and consistent dosing is made possible by AquasolRx’s patented liquid structure, which is not something you will find in any other CBD product.

Many consumers are hesitant to try CBD products because of this negative stigma that they may induce a euphoric feeling, but this is no concern when it comes to these THC-free CBD products. You can use these CBD products without having to worry about having THC in your system while enjoying the benefits that they may provide.

These pure, pharmaceutical grade CBD products come in many different forms that can target different parts of the body. The AquasolRx CBD products come in the form of a softgel capsule, a gummy, and even a topical cream. Patients who are seeking to use CBD for pain, insomnia, anxiety etc. may find that the oral products can be very beneficial to them, while someone looking for relief from joint or muscle pain may use the topical cream.

Another benefit of using these AquasolRx products is that you don’t have to worry about tasting any CBD oils, which is how CBD commonly comes at other stores. The softgel capsules utilize a patented liquid structure, allowing the CBD to enter your bloodstream efficiently in capsule form. The gummies also deliver a consistent dose of CBD into your system while tasting like candy with little to no taste of any CBD oils. The topical cream is also known to have a cooling effect on the skin because of the menthol added in its formulation to better enhance the positive effects.

Kohlls Rx is proud to be offering these AquasolRx CBD products and sees great hope in their patented liquid structure. Don’t hesitate to try a free sample of CBD and ask your pharmacist any questions you may have. Also, make sure to notify your pharmacist of any current medications you are taking so that they can ensure that CBD will be safe and effective for you.